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At commencement, Wesley Theological Seminary presents the Society of John Wesley Award of Merit to an individual who, through sacrificial leadership, exemplifies a high standard of commitment and devotion to God, the Church and Wesley Theological Seminary. Recipients are Wesley Theological Seminary graduates nominated and selected by fellow graduates.

2013 Award Recipient

The Rev. Dr. Chan Young Jang has many noteworthy qualities and accomplishments that led to his nomination and selection for the award. He is an exemplary minister and church leader, representing John Wesley’s famous phrase “the world is my parish.”His commitment and service for others shows in his actions toward all of God’s people, but especially the alienated, the brokenhearted and marginalized.

“The Rev. Dr. Chan Jang is a model clergy member: diligent, humble, devoted and a passionate servant of God,” said the Rev. Dr. Kyunglim Shin Lee, Wesley’s vice president for international relations.

Jang graduated from Wesley with a Master of Theological Studies degree in 2004. He came to his current church, KUMC of South Florida, in 2003. In the years since, his congregation has become mission-centered, particularly devoted to global missions in Central and South America. Church membership increased from 80 to more than 1,500.

Under Jang’s leadership, the church has moved beyond its walls to reach out locally, nationally and internationally. Locally, the church supports patients at a psychiatric hospital and people living with disabilities. Nationally, the church sponsors a program connecting and supporting pastors from various denominations in spiritual renewal and growth. Internationally, Jang established far-reaching ministries to assist indigenous clergy in Central and South America and the Caribbean. Simultaneously, in Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico and Peru, he shares his leadership skills with missionaries. He offers assistance in strategy, networking and church management. His devotion to God’s mission extends his work into China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Haiti and Nicaragua.

In addition to his work around the country and the world, Jang is dedicated to his seminary. He has supported Wesley with his time, talents and gifts in many ways. He has encouraged many people to consider Wesley when choosing a seminary. He has faithfully donated to Wesley, contributing more than $10,000 annually – with gifts totaling $20,000 annually during the lean years of the recent recession. He supports and sponsors the Korean Endowment Scholarship fund. He challenged his congregation to strengthen God’s church for future generations, which resulted in the church and individuals committing to five scholarship units, at $15,000 per unit. Also, he has flown to Washington, D.C. and given lectures at Wesley when asked. He has generously supported Wesley’s global mission projects, to include establishing the Chinese Scholarship Project and Central and South America Global Mission in his congregation.

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Raymon E. White '59


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