Resources for Hosting an Intern

We invite you to read the Attributes of a Teaching Setting, which will provide you with a clear summary of what is sought in a teaching setting and also read our Values for contextual education  to gain insight of how our important our partnership is with one another as we prepare our students in their ministerial and spiritual formation.

The PMM Ministry Setting and Intern Handbook will give you further insight about our program. If you wish to participate, please complete a Profile Application and return to the PMM Office.

Becoming a Setting for Ministry Interns

  1. A willingness to help with the task of preparing the next generation of leaders for the church, who are ready to be faithful and fruitful ministerial leaders.
  2. Participation by the clergy/administrator partner in identifying a lay/staff learning partner.
  3. Attendance as a learning team (student, clergy/administrator, and lay/staff member) in one of the orientation sessions in its entirety. If the student's learning team is not properly oriented, the student may not be permitted in PMM. (For full-time summer internships, however, learning partners will be resourced via online communication rather than an orientation meeting.)
  4. A willingness to provide a comprehensive range of learning experiences in leadership for the student through the ongoing life and work of the teaching setting that will lead to obtaining competencies for ministerial leadership. (Resources will be available to provide guidelines and criteria for these activities).
  5. A commitment by the Learning Partners to meet regularly (for at least one hour) to provide the student with guidance in his or her learning situations and engage the student in theological reflection on their ministry experience.
  6. Provision of a written evaluation of the student at the end of each academic year and participation in the yearly site visits or other necessary consultations.
  7. A willingness to abide by all Wesley Theological Seminary policies.

*NOTE: Students may not be placed in their home churches/agencies unless they are employed there.

Resourcing a Ministry Setting for Interns

Full-time Summer Internship Ministry Setting Resources

Regular Part-time Fall/Spring Internship Ministry Setting Resources

The PMM Ministry Setting and Intern Handbook will give you further insight about our program. If you wish to participate, please complete a Profile Application and return to the PMM Office.

The Student Pastor Program Handbook outlines the Student Pastor Program (SPP), which is designed for those students already serving a pastorate in a local church and admitted into the SPP at the time of their admission to the Seminary.

The Learning Partner Evaluation Form is to be completed by all members of a Learning Team at the end of each academic year.

Churches and Agencies

Wesley welcomes and appreciates the dynamic support of PMM sites in training ministers through partnership with its contextual education programs.  Last year, Wesley's PMM students enjoyed the partnership of 150 unique placement sites for students in building their sense and capacity for ministry.  We invite your church, agency, healthcare institution, etc., to join Wesley Theological Seminary in the mission of preparing the next generation of pastoral leaders for the church and world.

The opportunity to share is a distinct call to partner with us in creating your ministry setting as a true "classroom" for ministerial education, partnering with a Wesley student as she/he answers the call of God for service in the Church.

Our God expects much from us in living and proclaiming the Gospel in diverse contexts and ways.  So too, Wesley asks a lot from the Learning Partners who mentor students in their journey.  Read further below on how your church or agency might be able to host a Wesley Student.



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