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Wesley Student Council

Wesley's Student Council seeks to promote the common welfare of the student body by acting as the voice of the student body through providing an open forum in which concerns can be raised, sponsoring various student organizations, and working with the administration, faculty, staff and community to ensure a supportive academic climate.

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Who We Are

Executive Committee
President Wally Culp
Vice President       Chris Abel  
Treasurer Aislinn Kopp  
Secretary Hannah Niday      
Parliamentarian Elyse Milligan  


General Council Members:

Adam Hall
Ahnna Lise Jennings
Andrew Davis
Elizabeth Mathis
Ellen LaCroix
Garth Stevens
Heather Moore
Jeremy Koontz
Kevin Webb
Leigh Finnegan
Lindy Bunch
Marjorie Hurder
Miguel Arenas
Patricia Harris-Bentley
Rachel Pacheco
Sara Sheppard- Faculty Advisor

A Message From Your Council

This year our focus is to continue to build community by improving communication channels that exist within the student body and between staff and students.  We also hope to encourage better cooperation between student organizations by organizing a campus-wide community service project-- more information will be coming soon.   Further, we want to continue working to make Student Council more transparent and efficient with a reform of our election processes.   

Our motto is “Listening, Uniting, Voicing.”  This year as always we seek to grow into better listeners, unifiers and advocates on behalf of our fellow students.  We welcome your input and hope you will feel comfortable approaching us with your concerns or ideas.   The Student Council meets every other week during the fall and spring semesters.  Our meetings are open to the whole Wesley community and we invite you to join us.  Our fall semester meeting schedule as well as a list of those serving on the council this year is printed below.  If your schedule won’t allow you to attend meetings, consider liking us on Facebook.  This year we will be publicizing our meetings and soliciting agenda items online. 

Join us for a meeting!

March 4—Bess Jones
March 18—boardroom
April 1—Bess Jones (this is a busy “noon hour” on campus:  MLK, Jr. lecture forum after chapel and an Artist Talk & Reception)
April 15—Elderdice
April 29—boardroom

Student Council has been committed over the past two years to support and nurture the growth and activities of our student organizations.  Those organizations include:

  • Association of Black Seminarians (ABS), a group not only seeking to expand the voice of the black seminarian, but also address the issues and racism confronting our African-American and Carribean-American brothers and sisters;
  • Korean Student Association (KSA), a group determined to look after the well-being of the large Korean population here on campus and support their interaction with all other students;
  • Literally Active (LA), a group that will bring students and staff together for some fun physical activity;
  • LOGOS, a group centered around John 14:6 and the written Word;
  • NOUS, a new organization focused on promoting the academic life of our students and supporting students seeking academic careers;
  • Of Sacred Worth, an organization committed to expressing and advocating the sacred worth of the LGBTQ community;
  • Plumbline, a social-justice organization that seeks opportunities to raise awareness and serve;
  • ASAH, an organization for those in the Wesley community interested in the intersection between the ministry and the arts;
  • Wesley Fellowship, a group focused on community building between students, both resident and commuter, faculty, staff, and their families. 

We are blessed by so many organizations, but want to encourage you to feel empowered to envision new organizations that may serve our community in new ways.  All student organizations are requested to attend the bi-weekly Student Council meetings, so if you are looking to connect with one of these organizations Student Council meetings are a good place to become acquainted.  We are committed to encouraging student organizations to advertise regularly through this journal and the weekly e-announcements and other new avenues so that you are always aware of what you can plug into.


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