Wesley Student Council

Wesley's Student Council seeks to promote the common welfare of the student body by acting as the voice of the student body through providing an open forum in which concerns can be raised, sponsoring various student organizations, and working with the administration, faculty, staff and community to ensure a supportive academic climate.

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Our next meeting is September 24, 2014, 12:00 p.m. in the Board Room.  Students who are at Wesley Downtown will meet in the multipurpose room.

Who We Are (New picture coming soon!)

Executive Committee
President Aislinn Kopp studentcouncil@wesleyseminary.edu
Vice President       Ellen LaCroix  
Treasurer Justin Martin  
Secretary Denise Haskins      
Parliamentarian Alexis Brown  


Elected Council Members:

Yvonne Agduyeng
Scott Bostic
Sean Devolites
Samantha Larson
Kristopher Sledge
Micah Smartt
James Ploeser
Fredericka Sands
Josh Berry
Simone Hutchings
Montreal Martin
Yong-Chi Rhie
Lee Schriber
Myca Jones

Sara Sheppard- Faculty Advisor

Student Organization Representatives:
Association of Black Seminarians Veronica Allen
Korean Student Association  
Of Sacred Worth Chuck Lisenbee
Wesley Fellowship  
ASAH Patricia Harris Bentley
Literally Active  


Student Council is present on this campus through its support of the student organizations listed here and as a liaison between administration and students. As a liaison between administration and students, we are constantly working for the improvement of the Wesley community.  This comes in several forms including, but not limited to, the community meal for students, faculty, and staff each semester, and hosting forums around issues that have the potential to divide our community.  The most recent product of these forums has been Heal Wesley—a collaborative effort with students, staff, administration, and alumni to make Wesley a space for holistic wellness. Student Council also produces Wesley Journal—a monthly publication with student submitted articles—and Wesley Journal Weekly—a weekly schedule of events that will be beneficial to the student community.


This year, we will continue our efforts to serve and unite the Wesley community, and we invite you to be a part of that.  Our meetings will occur bi-weekly, and are open to all students.  Next week, we will take nominations to fill 5 first-year positions on council, and elections will be the following week.  We will also be hiring for two Wesley Journal positions that First Year students are encouraged to apply for—Editor and Copy Editor.


As we seek to empower students to make the most of their seminary experience, we encourage you to actively engage in the classroom and enrich your seminary experience by being more than a student but a member of the community—participate in worship services, attend faculty lectures, join student organizations, and have fun at the many social events that happen throughout the year.


We praise God for your presence in this community, and wish you success in following God’s call on your life. Please feel free to approach any of the executive officers if you have questions about student council or the Wesley community.


Student Organizations:


Association of Black Seminarians

President: Robert Dantzler

ABS Facebook abs.blackseminarians@gmail.com
The purpose of Association of Black Seminarians is to promote cultural awareness, integrity and a historical perspective of the African-American and African cultures for the Wesley Theological Seminary community. Our mission is to enrich and educate the community environment of this institution and its surrounding communities, and promote community cohesiveness by way of academic, political, social, and worship activities.
Korean Student Association President: Min Kim  
A group determined to look after the well-being of the large Korean population, students and their families, here on campus and support their interaction with all other students;
A group committed not only to promote spiritual fellowship through a regular prayer meeting but also to help new lives of members in America.
Of Sacred Worth President: Ahnnalise Jennings OSW Facebook
OSW is an organization committed to expressing and advocating the sacred worth of the LGBTQ community.
Wesley Fellowship President: Emma Johnston WF Facebook
Wesley Fellowship is a student organization at Wesley Theological Seminary, committed to fostering, enhancing, and creating space for fellowship, service and hospitality within the Wesley community. All WF events shall always be open to any member of the Wesley community: residents and commuter students, staff, faculty, administration, and their families.
Plumbline President: James Ploeser Plumbline Facebook
Plumbline is an interfaith social justice organization dedicated to service, education, and advocacy.  The group is linked with justice campaigns run by various denominational offices, as well as with the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN), DC's only congregation-based community organizing organization.  Plumbline seeks transformative change -- for its seminarian members, for our communities, and for the whole world.
ASAH President: Patricia Harris-Bentley ASAH Facebook
ASAH seeks to create spaces for the nuture of the student artist in addition to offering opportunities to engage in worship and the arts.
Literally Active Organizers: Ashley Roth     and Tura Gillespie  
LA focuses on engaging the Wesley community in physical activity including running, camping, and canoeing.  This group is re-forming, so stay tuned for updates. 

We are blessed by many organizations, but want to encourage you to feel empowered to envision new organizations that may serve our community in new ways.  All student organizations are required to attend the bi-weekly Student Council meetings, so if you are looking to connect with one of these organizations Student Council meetings are a good place to become acquainted.  We are committed to encouraging student organizations to advertise regularly through Wesley Journal, weekly e-announcements and other new communication avenues, so that you are always aware of what you can plug into.

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