Dean's Welcome

Welcome back to classes after a very productive and enlightening reading week! I hope you have been able to not only catch up on schoolwork but to explore new theological horizons as well as to get some much needed rest.

You are returning not only to classes but also to the beginning of registration for the January and Spring terms. But this registration period is a bit different because of its proximity to the new fall 2015 MDiv requirements. If you are graduating in May 2015, you don’t need to read any further because your registration is not affected by the new MDiv. All others who are in the MDiv: you will want to familiarize yourself with the requirement changes. This also pertains to those in the MTS because there are several points at which the MDiv changes will affect the MTS.

The process of registration will proceed this fall as it usually does. However, in order to take advantage of the benefits that the new MDiv has in store for you, plan your courses now with the new curriculum in mind. Since everyone’s situation is different, I cannot tell you here how you should proceed. But information about the MDiv changes can be found here on the Wesley website.

The transition will afford the vast majority of students at least a small reduction of total credit hours. We are committed that the transition will not negatively affect any student. Your faculty advisor and the Registrar’s Office stands ready to help you plan your way forward. Please, avail yourself of their guidance so that your progress through the transition will go smoothly and easily.

To help you learn about the new MDiv and plan for the transition, Community Life has planned an Advising Week for Oct. 13-17. During this week, faculty are reaching out to their advisees to schedule conferences with them. Also, we have scheduled two Town Hall Meetings on the New Requirements for the MDiv:

  • Tuesday Oct 14, 5-6.15p (KG-01) and
  • Thursday Oct 16, 12-1.15p (KG-01).

Everyone is welcome!

Notice that on the website above is a curriculum guide that lays out the requirements for the Fall 2015 MDiv. Also, there is a FAQ list that will hopefully answer many of your general questions. Of course, your faculty advisor and the registrar’s office will be the ‘go-to’ people who can help you transition with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Please know that the faculty and administration have been (and continue to be) hard at work on the new MDiv and its transition. We are striving to think through and plan the transition so that it goes smoothly for everyone. However, not everything will go as planned because we are indeed building the bridge as we cross over. Let us remember who and Whose we are, responding to one another – with all our faults and flaws – as the image and likeness of God.


Pedagogical afterword:

The transition to the new MDiv, as well as several other new initiatives at Wesley, give you, the students, a wonderful opportunity to observe and learn how an institution can innovate and adapt in order to fulfill our mission more effectively. Given the current seismic transformations in church and society,  just about every institution needs to reinvent itself. While you are here at Wesley, please avail yourself of one of the most wonderful opportunities to observe and learn about community- and institutional-change. We won’t do everything right, but you can learn from our successes and our failures.

Remember why you are at Wesley: to learn how to lead theologically. Don’t limit your learning to the classroom. Put yourself in the center of the transition. Watch carefully. Ask evocative questions. Imagine how you might do it differently… better. Seek out authoritative sources that can inform and guide you. Don’t let this insider opportunity to learn how to lead change pass you by.

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