Arts courses at Wesley provide students with an opportunity to reflect, write, and speak about the relationship between art and faith; to understand more deeply the basic ideas and processes of a range of artistic disciplines; to develop practical tools for fostering the use of the arts in worship, Christian education, prayer, and other areas of Christian life; and to allow them to do focused, practical, and theological work in a specific artistic form.

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    Spring 2015 Courses

    Picturing the Church

    Deborah Sokolove
    Thursdays 1:30pm – 4:30pm
    2.00 Credits


    Introduction to Liturgical Dance

    Kathryn Sparks
    Mondays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    2.00 credits

    Chapel Choir

    Eileen Guenther
    Mondays 4:30pm – 6pm
    1.00 Credit


    Elements of Design:

    Reaching a Visual Culture
    Amy Gray
    Mondays 1:30pm - 3:30pm (every other week)
    1.00 Credit

    Lift Every Voice:
    Exploring Congregational Song

    Eileen Guenther
    Wednesdays 3:30pm – 5:30pm
    2.00 Credits


    Arts Pract: Monotype

    Ellen Winkler
    Wednesdays 3:30pm - 05:30pm
    1.00 Credit

    RA-144 HB
    Scripture in Literature

    Kathleen Staudt
    Thursdays 9:00am- 12:00pm
    3.00 Credits


    Arts Pract: Ritual
    Anne Bouie
    Thursdays 10:00am – 12:00pm
    1.00 Credit

    The Word Made flesh:
    Making Scripture Seen and Heard

    Tracy Radosevic
    Tuesdays 1:30pm-3:30pm
    2.00 Credits


    Arts Pract: Making Stoles

    Catherine Kapikian
    Thursdays 1:30pm – 3:30pm
    1.00 Credit


    The list below was taken from the Wesley Seminary Catalog 2013-2014

    RA-112  The Holy in Washington,  D.C. Art: Art as Embodiment
    Theological themes and major styles of art encountered through  studio lectures, slide presentations, and field trips to this city’s painting, sculpture, manuscript illumination, icons, and stained glass. Application of learnings to local church. 2 credit hours

    RA-113  Art As Worship, Worship As Art
    Exploration of the relationships  between art-making  as a spiritual discipline, using art as a focus for personal devotion, incorporating art forms into corporate worship, and seeing corporate worship itself as a form of art. 2 credit hours
    Spring 2014    D. Sokolove

    RA-114  Ecclesiastical Design and Construction: Art as Proclamation
    Seeing church environments critically; programming visual initiatives; utilize visual symbols; experience contemporary religious works on-site; designing and, where possible constructing student's choice of paraments, vestments, banners, site specific work, and graphics. 2 credit hours

    RA-120  Making It Real: Art, Symbol, and Ritual
    Uses of art and artistic performance in ritual, symbolic acts, sacraments. Uses of symbol, ritual, and sacramental  reference in artistic production. The idea of art as a means of encounter with the divine, and the ways that art may be used in worship to facilitate that encounter. 2 credit hours
    Fall 2014    D. Sokolove

    RA-122  Picturing the Church: Two Millennia of Art and Architecture
    A survey of Christian art and architecture from the earliest evidence to present trends.
    2 credit hours
    J-Term/Spring 2015    D. Sokolove

    RA-125 Art and Spirituality in France, Holland, and Belgium
    The influence of spirituality (Benedict, Francis de Sales, Thomas a Kempis, the
    Beguines, Calvin) upon the creation of masterpieces by artists (de Champaigne, Van
    Eyck, Memling, Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Gogh) in France, Belgium, and Holland.
    3 credit hours
    Summer 2014 A. Thomas / C. Kapikian

    RA-130  Chapel Choir
    Participation in singing for community worship: reflection on the role of church music in Christian worship. Requires participation in Tuesday community Chapel services. May be taken a maximum of six semesters for credit. 1 credit hour
    Fall and Spring semesters     E. Guenther

    RA-135  Music Skills for the Local Church
    The basics of music for pastors and others in local church ministry. Music reading, terminology, listening drills, singing of hymn tunes and basic sight reading. This course is intended for those who have little or no previous musical experience.
    2 credit hours

    RA-136  Songs of Zion: Spirituals in the Life of The Church
    The heritage of the African-American spiritual and its manifold presence in the contemporary church; theological themes of the spiritual and the nuances of translating those themes into music; strategies for the effective use of the Songs of Zion in contemporary worship. 2 credit hours

    RA-137  Exploring the Hymnal
    Examines the United Methodist  Hymnal and hymnals from other major Protestant denominations, focusing on diverse cultural traditions that are part of today's worship. 2 credit hours
    Fall 2013    E. Guenther
    J-Term/Spring 2015    E. Guenther

    RA-138  Music and Social Justice
    The role of music in causes of peace and justice and the particular works (from hymns to major oratorios) that address themselves to these issues. 2 credit hours
    J.Term/Spring 2014    E. Guenther

    RA-142  Language of Grace: Readings in Modern Literature
    Twentieth century literature’s affirmation, criticism and revision of basic Christian themes: faith, love and family relationships, life and death, sin and grace, the church, clergy and scriptural teaching.
    3 credit hours

    RA-144  Scripture in Literature
    An exploration  of how writers from different times, places, and cultural perspectives have retold and reinterpreted stories from scripture; including John Milton, Renita Williams, Frederick Buechner, Lucille Clifton, Denise Levertov, Margaret Atwood, James Weldon Johnson and others. 3 credit hours
    Spring 2015    K. Staudt
    RA-146  Poetry as Spiritual Practice
    The practices of reading and writing poetry as ways of seeing and of being in the world. Contemporary and classic Christian poetry, the poetry of the Psalms, and the relationship between reading, writing, form and discipline in poetic practice. Writing workshops, papers and presentations on particular poetic voices, experiments  with reading and writing students' own poetry. 3 credit hours
    Spring 2014    K. Staudt

    RA-152  Contemplative Drawing: Nurturing the Spiritual Self
    Stimulate prophetic imagination  through seeing, drawing, being. Explore creative process in relationship to spiritual formation. Left-hemispheric verbal, logical, and analytical processing integrated  with right-hemispheric spatial, intuitive processing. Especially for non-artists. Evaluation on process rather than product. 2 credit hours

    RA-174  Drama for Emerging Worship
    Tableaux, contemporary scenes from biblical narratives, character sketches, and personification of biblical themes and objects for use in transformative and interactive worship. 2 credit hours

    RA-175  Biblical Storytelling
    An exploration of biblical storytelling – traditional oral presentations, electronic renderings, and a combination of the two – in various ministry settings in the context of our digital culture, including the role and practice of biblical storytelling. 2 credit hours

    RA-176  The Rest of the Story: Parables and Parallel Stories
    An exploration of the poser of narrative in Hebrew and Christian scriptures, other complementary texts, and personal faith journeys – particularly when experienced as performance in tandem with each other – for biblical understanding and spiritual formation.  2 credit hours
    J-Term/Spring 2014    T. Radosevic

    RA-177  The Word Made Flesh: Making Scripture Seen and Heard
    An exploration of variations in scripture presentation for worship and education  – embodied storytelling, photography, traditional visual arts, screen projection, music – as a visceral experience of these sacred stories. 2 credit hours
    Fall 2014    T. Radosevic

    RA-178  Drama for Ministry: Improvisation and Bibliodrama
    Improvisational  techniques  and bibliodrama exercises for use in church or ministry settings and for pastoral development. Includes imaginative exploration  of biblical narratives and role playing from biblical and theological sources. 2 credit hours

    RA-180  Community-Building Through Drama
    Improvisational  techniques  and scene study for community in church or ministry settings. Includes personal storytelling and role playing from biblical and theological sources. 2 credit hours

    RA-187  Life Stories Theatre
    Improvisation and documentary theater  techniques focused on ministry issues and spiritual growth. Students will explore the theme of “Calling” by creating a new theater  piece drawn from biblical texts and interviews on the subject with clergy, family and friends, acquaintances, and members of the Seminary community.  Involves collaborative work in writing and rehearsal. 2 credit hours
    RA-188  Tools for Drama in Ministry
    Basic theatre techniques for application in church and ministry settings. Includes improvisation, role playing from biblical sources, choral presentation of scripture, and performance of an original short liturgical drama. Reading includes essays in performance theory and biblical storytelling, as well as selected plays. No prior experience in drama necessary. 2 credit hours
    Fall 2013    D. Davis

    RA-189  Writing for Drama in Worship
    Playwriting techniques  for short dramas from biblical/theological texts designed for worship.
    2 credit hours
    Fall 2014    D. Davis

    RA-190  Religious Themes in Drama
    Examination  of religious themes in drama from medieval morality plays to contemporary theater, including interfaith relations and non-Western traditions. Text- based course includes some scene work and attending a professional play. 2 credit hours
    J-Term/Spring 2015    D. Davis

    RA-191  T.S. Elliot and God
    Examination  of theological themes in the work of one of the twentieth century's most influential and controversial poets. Exploration of poet's theological development  from "The Waste Land" to "The Hollow Men," "Ash Wednesday," "Murder in the Cathedral," "Four Quartets," and "The Cocktail Party." 2 credit hours

    RA-192  Dance Technique and Theory
    The exploration and practice of dance as a sacred art. Technique, improvisation, and beginning composition with an emphasis on student creativity. 1 credit hour
    Fall 2013    K. Sparks

    RA-194  Liturgical Dance
    Preparation and performance of dance and liturgical movement  for chapel services at the Seminary. Emphasis on dance that is prayer, procession, proclamation, and celebration as part of liturgy and can be presentational or congregational. 1 credit hour
    Spring 2014    K. Sparks

    RA-240 The Preacher as Poet
    An exploration  of the connections between language of theology and that of poetry, focusing on ways that great preachers and theologians have used poetry to articulate important insights.  Major figures for study include John Donne, George Herbert, Howard Thurman, R. S. Thomas, and Denise Levertov, a modern poet who employed Christian themes and sermonic elements in her post-conversion poems. 2 credit hour

    RA-246 Visionary Poets: Blake, Dickinson, Hopkins
    An examination of three major poets (and selections from a few others) whose work explores the expression of God in the world and the paradoxes that arise out of that expression. 2 credit hour

    RA-251  Community Art-Making and Healing
    Exploration in the practice of making art together  in community to facilitate spiritual awareness, deepen interpersonal connections, and provide opportunities for healing. 2 credit hour

    RA-253  Art for God's Sake: Art, Visual Culture  And Christian Understanding
    Investigate the ways that art has been used in shaping Christian faith, understandings and attitudes.  Definitions and explorations of aesthetics, art theory, and the function of fine art, popular art and devotional art in the church and the wider society.  2 credit hours
    Fall 2013       D. Sokolove

    RA-281 A Spiritual Journey Through Dante's "Divine Comedy"
    Exploration of theological, moral, and social themes in the greatest poem in Christian literature,  with specific application to the spiritual journeys of course participants. 2 credit hours

    RA-282 Sinful Literature
    An exploration of literary classics that reveal the corruptive effects of sin on both individuals and societies, the need for grace, and the search for God. 2 credit hours

    RA-295  Arts Practicum
    Individual projects with theological focus in student's choice of medium such as paint, fabric (vestments, banners, tapestry), clay, wood, calligraphy, photography, poetry, dance, etc. Students unacquainted with dynamics of creative process in relationship to spiritual formation (art as meditation) and unacquainted with non-verbal expressions of Christian proclamation encouraged to participate. May be repeated once for credit. Pass/Fail only. 1 credit hour
    Every Fall and Spring with visiting Artists-in-Residence

    RA-480 Proclamation Through  Drama
    Rehearsal and production of short, scripture-based dramas as a form of proclamation. Presentations on campus, at local churches, and/or community life events offer opportunities for acting, scripting, and behind-the-scenes production. 1 credit hour
    Fall 2013            D. Davis
    Spring 2014        D. Davis


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