Thinking of Living on Campus?

Wesley Theological Seminary offers several housing options to its seminarians at a reasonable cost for our area. While the Seminary's academic campus serves as the primary hub for student interaction and community-building, our student residence halls also become natural extensions of the community life here at Wesley Seminary.

Wesley's on campus housing options can be divided into four categories for Master's candidates: Commuter Housing, Permanent Resident Housing for Single Students, Family & Married Student Housing, and Intentional Community Living at Mount Vernon Square. Wesley offers Doctor of Ministry Housing for January, May and June terms. For more information on housing during summer school sessions, please see Summer Housing. Our space on campus is limited and is filled on a first come, first served basis. You are encouraged to apply for housing if needed, however, regardless of how close you may be to the first day of class. For students interested in living locally off-campus, please explore our Off-Campus page which details these options. 

Check out our Housing Brochure for more information.


There are several housing options at Wesley Seminary, each with its own eligibility criteria. 

Permanent Residency - To qualify for permanent campus housing in Birch, Carroll or the New Residence Halls on Wesley's campus, one must be a registered master's degree-seeking candidate and carry at least 7 hours of credit during fall and spring semesters. Residents of the NRH must also carry at least four cumulative hours of credit during summer terms. Birch and Carroll residents are not required to be registered for courses during summer terms.

Additionally, to qualify for campus housing in the Birch Intentional Living Community, students must commit to living in intentional community and an eleven month contract. Married couples without children are eligible for a one-bedroom or efficiency apartment in Birch Residence Hall, but non-student spouses must agree to be fully participating members of the intentional community, to include regular meetings and responsibilities. At this time, couples with children are unfortunately not eligible for housing in Birch Residence Hall.

Commuter Residency - During fall and spring semesters, students are required only to be registered for one course at Wesley, which must correspond to their request for commuter housing. Summer school housing is offered to commuter residents by the week during summer terms, and must correspond to their registered intensive course(s). Students from other institutions enrolled in Wesley courses are eligible for both commuter residency and summer school housing.

Doctor of Ministry Residency- Students in the Doctor of Ministry program are eligible to apply for housing for the January, May or June intensive terms, to correspond with their registered coursework.

Occupancy Standards

Residents will be assigned to units which consist of the number of rooms necessary to provide decent, safe and sanitary accommodations without overcrowding or wasted space. The following standard is the general rule for admission and continued occupancy, although certain stipulations/exceptions exist: No more than two persons are permitted per bedroom.

The following standards also govern on-campus occupance at Wesley Seminary.

  • Single occupancy bedrooms in the NRH and Birch Residence Hall are limited to one student resident.
  • Each apartment in Carroll or Birch Residence Halls shall be used solely as the residence for the student and the student's family as represented on the application for housing. Family members not represented on the application, or not considered to be immediate family, are not eligible for campus housing.
  • Unrelated adults may not reside in the same apartment with families.
  • The minimum occupancy for any apartment in Carroll or Birch Residence Halls shall be one person per bedroom.
  • Adults of the opposite sex, other than husband and wife, may not occupy the same bedroom/apartment.
  • Couples requesting housing together must be married or legally committed (civil unions or domestic partnerships).
  • Children of the opposite sex, above the age of 8, may not occupy the same bedroom.
  • The maximum occupancy for a one-bedroom apartment in Carroll Residence Hall shall be two adults (defined as 18 and older) and one child, aged 5 or under; or one adult and two children, both aged 5 or under.


For all residents in campus housing, it is essential that mutual respect for one another is shown in order that all may study and sleep in reasonable comfort.  To that end, the following restrictions are campus policy.

All campus housing facilities are smoke-free. Smoking is also not permitted within 25 feet of any Wesley building. There are designated areas (by the presence of a smoker's pole) which are 25 feet from campus buildings where smoking is permitted

Alcohol is not permitted on campus in any common area. Student residents are not permitted to house pets of any kind on campus.

Student residents are not permitted to have pets of any kind in campus housing. Students requiring the aid of a service animal must provide proper documentation to the Associate Dean of Community Life and the Housing Office.

The following items are also prohibited:

  • firearms, ammunition, and air rifles
  • illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • explosives, chemicals, or highly combustible materials
  • space heaters and halogen lamps
  • candles and any other open flames
  • hot plates
  • microwaves, coffee makers and rice cookers used within individual dorm rooms (these items are acceptable to use in community kitchens and student apartments only)
  • major appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators or freezers (dorm-size refrigerators are acceptable)
  • personal property including bicycles in hallways, lobbies, or other designated community space

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